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The website “Imaginary Football History” is a combination of modern football and history. It provides an overview of football teams of historical countries. Of course, since they did not actually exist in the past, we have to imagine them.

The only prerequisite for selecting football players were their birth places, i.e. a footballer plays for team of country where his birthplace was located in that specific moment in the history. The first project that will be presented on this website will be “Imaginary European Football Championships”.

Aim and purpose of the website:

Educational part. With a little help of football and geography the website provides history lessons on the every parts of Europe and the world.

Also, the reader can learn something about the history of Europe and the World with the help of football (and geography): in which country was some town/city (footballers birthplace) in a particular period of history.

Amusing part. The selection of football players and formations are based on the author’s subjective opinion. If someone has a different suggestion, reserve players are offered (again, the alternative is based on the author’s opinion) so a reader, on our facebook page, can comment on players and formations and put forward his suggestion for the first eleven players and formation (e.g. 4-4-2: x – x, x, x, x – x, x, x, x – x, x). Also, the amusing part is that the reader can chose like or dislike on every selected player, as well as for team. In addition to the "educational part," rosters of imaginary historical teams provide an opportunity for the reader to familiarize him or herself with footballers from many other countries besides their own. After all, everybody plays football these days.


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