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Imaginary Football History

Study history with a little help from football!

The website “Imaginary Football History” is a combination of modern football and history. It provides an overview of football teams of historical countries. Of course, since they did not actually exist in the past, we have to imagine them.

The only prerequisite for selecting football players were their birth places, i.e. a footballer plays for team of country where his birthplace was located in that specific moment in the history. 

(For example)

We took the year 868 AD and chose 8 historical countries that existed at the time. One of them is, for example, West Francia, whose territory spread from present-day Catalonia in the south, through west and central France, to Flanders in the north. Therefore, the football team of West Francia is made up of footballers born in those areas, mostly national team members of Spain, France and Belgium. The team is covered with a historical text on West Francia of that time.



Recently added teams

The first project that will be presented on this website will be “Imaginary European Football Championships”. Each of 16 championships, from 9th till 20th century, will be presented by 8 imaginary football teams, made up of active footballers. So far we had presented Championship 868, 920, 1030, 1150, 1250, 1350, 1477, 1580, 1648, 1748, 1812, 1825.

Website currently presents the Imaginary European Championship for year 1878.

Learn something about their history, like your favorite players or team and also choose your first team lineup on our facebook page.

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